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Vulnerability and Bittersweet Moments

I started this art piece after being powerfully affected by our Fall project. I had no idea that the situation for indigenous people was so grave, which almost makes it worse. After making our paper, and hanging it out, we had a conversation. We talked about the terrible things happening to those poor indigenous children. We could have lost the next Einstein, or someone capable of making a cure for cancer, all because of a few powerful, racist people. This hurt me too, I was so overwhelmed. This issue should be more talked about, and we should stop hiding our bad history and heal.

When we all spoke, it was very emotional, people were truly showing their hurt and pain. In that instance we were all so vulnerable together, it made me really love these people I'm working with. We all showed our love for the lost children, and in turn connected more deeply with each other. I am so proud to be a part of this project and try to voice issues in a peaceful way, with good-hearted people I know I can rely on.

This season was bittersweet, with tough times, but it really unearthed a lot. This was an amazing learning experience. The lessons I want to give to you all are: open up to people you trust, talk about issues you care about peacefully, don't unnecessarily hurt people, and finally don’t turn away from the bad, learn and heal. We will benefit in a society that cares for each other.

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