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The cycle of life

During one of our LOOP gatherings, our task was to create a haiku poem from a list of words that were brainstormed at a previous session. These words all had some sort of relation to fall and the workshops we had done.

Now normally I am not the biggest fan of poems, however, this day was different. I was a little overwhelmed at first and thinking which words I should use to create my poem, but after taking a few minutes to scan the board, I got straight to writing.

The cycle of life

It’s bittersweet, we regret

We’re reborn, we change

These words stood out to me the most because they felt the most relevant to my personal experiences. As time passed, I have learned that there will be events in life that aren’t always the most pleasant but they are opportunities to grow and become a better me. This has allowed me to gain a more open perspective on what life brings me. The season of fall is about harvesting and gathering. This parallels with my transition into adulthood. I am learning to practice all the skills I acquired during childhood and implementing them into my adult life. I am learning to confront change head-on and I no longer allow fear to limit my experiences. These opportunities for change or rebirth continue the cycle of life.

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