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There is a lot of back and forth within Indigenous issues, blame tossed to-and-fro resulting in a cycle leading nowhere. Though whether it is the native or Caucasian community as it stands now, we are both victims from the past. It is Indigenous trauma that came from the losses from genocide as well as the accusations and the burden that comes along with White Guilt. Each suffers in pain with the need to heal. One does not deserve to be subjected to generational trauma, racism, or the fear of losing an entire culture. Another does not deserve to be subjected to being responsible to take the blame for past aggressors who do not hold the same values.

Many residential schools were run by Catholics and Christians who did not uphold the important ideals of their own religion. Any belief that may be used to kill in the name is not done for that belief at all it is done for oneself. It is a selfish way to believe you are better than anyone else. All Catholics, Christians, or Caucasians do not deserve to be held to such ideals because the “fake ones'' decided to choose brutality. Are society is built on spilt blood and takes advantage of the resources that were made because of it.

We can choose a new future where we can cast blame and hate aside and instead choose to love in the name of, to heal in the name of. Show the world that we can be better than our harsh past. The sole responsibility of change is not up to the Indigenous or Caucasian communities. It is going to take people from all sides of these issues to cause change to let us create a future where we can reconcile and understand one another.

It is about time we healed from old wounds.

Faust, Jorj

1920 x 1080



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