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The fall session, is a time for healing, letting go, giving back, and acceptance.

I was unable to come to a couple of the sessions due to personal reasons, however, the day I did come was one I still think about to this day. I said a few words during our closing circle that I sometimes regret saying, but I am also glad I said it. I had talked about having Depression and Anxiety and the thoughts that were occurring at the time. The thoughts of ending my own life. It is not something that I am proud to be thinking about but with mental illnesses such as Depression, things do not always go as planned. However, what I said was my mind was telling me to end my life on purpose when these children didn't even get a chance to have a choice.

During one of the sessions at Genesis we were told to write poems from a picture that was taken during the field trips. The picture I chose spoke to me in ways I never imagined a picture could speak. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really does exist. The picture reflected all the emotions that I had. There was hurt yet we are all on the journey of healing, no matter how long it takes, we are all together in this. Together, the only way reconciliation is possible.


I was told I am here for a purpose

I was told I am to be returned

I am here for healing

I am here for the children

I will fulfil my purpose

I will help the healing process

I was told I am here for a reason

I was told I am here for a purpose

To all that are hurting, I am truly sorry.

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