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Each Its Own Purpose

Through the five days we’ve spent together, I’ve used my sketchbook to record what I've learned from the different teachings and how each one is important in its own way. Here’s a page of one of my favorite days and teachings. It talks about the different types of plants and how each one provides its own benefits.

A couple of other plants that I learned about are white willows which can be used to make various things like charcoal and tea that can help with anxiety. And horsemint which can be used for the skin.

The 'Give before you take'

"Despite all the bugs and almost getting bit by a spider, it felt nice to actually get out of the house and learn more about the land I live on. I found it really interesting learning about all the benefits the plants had and how they could all be used for different purposes." Furthermore, I'd love to learn about any other plants out there that provide different benefits.

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