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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

During the introductory week of the Loop Project, I learned about aboriginal culture, Mother Earth and aboriginal beliefs. The 5 days we were together, I worked on journaling. In that time, we learned Native history from way before my time. I was stoked to meet an elder for the first time. Elder Pablo taught me how to connect to mother nature. For example, he says “you need to pray first then whatever you take from mother earth you need to give back”. If you take sage from the ground, you put back tobacco to grow.

At the Glenbow Museum, I learned that tipis represent Mountains because of the peak at the top and the drawings on the tipis represent their stories. I learned aboriginal words. For example, Makoi-yohsokoyi means the wolf trial, Katoyissa means Blood clot and Ponoka means Elk, Ksisk means beaver.

During the teachings that elder Pablo mentioned, he talked about the medicine wheel which caught my attention. I became more interested. The medicine wheel represents Health and Healing. It is technically a circle with 4 categories in it. The 4 categories are Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically. All the 4 categories need to be healthy, or healing needs to be done.

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