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Connecting with the land and one-another through creative hands-on experimentation and storytelling.


An arts-based social engagement project for youth and community members of Calgary’s North East Communities.

Art Workshops

Through hands-on workshops using natural materials, local artists mentor youth in exploring creative ways to connect with the land we live on during each of the four seasons.

Cultural Exchanges

Each season closes with a community gathering (pending covid restrictions*) where we invite the greater community into our process. Through sharing stories, food, culture, art, traditions, and stories, we aim to uncover and connect with our shared values.

Land Teachings

We are honoured to be working with Blackfoot Elder Pablo Russel who helps guide our process through teachings and stories about living in harmony with the land, as balanced individuals, and as part of a community.


The medicine wheel helps direct our research and organize our learnings, as the infinite circle is able to help us visualize and understand the cyclical nature of many aspects of life.


This ‘Loop’ acts as our compass and our learning is organized around the four directions of the medicine wheel and the four seasons of the year.

Loop is a year of hands-on research. Our process is being documented through a video series as well as a written narrative by our witness, writer, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor (EDIA) Jordan Baylon. We aspire to end up with a rich collection of experiences, learnings, stories and connections that we can share back with the greater community for generations to come.



Loop's body of research is shaping up to be the basis for designing new public community artwork at the Genesis Centre, an important community hub for the area. The stories we share and the knowledge we gain will directly inform what we collaboratively create. 


The new work will replace the current temporary sculptures. 

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